How To Change Your Domain Name in Kenya

You need to know that you CANNOT change a domain name. There’s no magical button somewhere you can click edit your website name. Therefore, there is No way on how to change your domain name in Kenya or anywhere in the world for that matter.

This means that once a domain has been registered, it stays that way until it expires (usually after 1 year.) It is advisable to make such a decision of changing of a domain when one is in the early stages of building a brand and website because customers haven’t started to build a relationship with you and won’t remember your domain name and the website is not ranked uer and the traffic levels are low.

What do you do if you misspell or change your mind on a registered domain?

The best way to change your domain name in Kenya is to register a fresh domain. For older websites, there are more risks involved. Everything needs to be moved over correctly to the new domain name, traffic needs to be rerouted from social media channels, and every page needs to be checked so as not to lose search engine ranking positions.

If you want to retain the name, use a different extension. If you already have a .com, .net, or .org extension, you can just change it to, or .mobi.

A user may want ot change/switch domain names for the following reasons:

A Need to Rebrand

A company name change can necessitate a change in a domain name. A complete overhaul and fresh design of the brand may dictate a fresh and new domain name to reflect the same.


If one is relocating to Kenya and wants to identify the same with their clients and customers, need for a domain name that reflects the same availability. Country Code TLDs help clients to identify businesses that are within their locality, such name changes are inevitable.

Change of Business Model

A business may expand to accomodate more products or merge, bringing in more to the table than it offered previously. And if the old domain name reflected what was offered, then a new domain name will help give your website more focus. Also, nowadays, there are more TLDs being lauched and one may decide to get one to reflect a business model like a .cars or .plumbing which easily show the kind of business one is in instead of a generic .com or .biz. You can check the complete list of domain name TLDs at Sino Soft.

Dream Domain Name is Available

That perfect domain name that was taken when you originally searched for a domain name is now available. Perhabs you took a long, complex name and now you have a chance to register a shorter and more memorable name that you and your customers will love.

If not pleased with your domain provider you may switch to Sino Soft Domain Hosting by doing a Domain Transfer

What a New Domain Name Be?

As decide the reasons for a new domain name, consider to have it to:

  • Reflect on your product and future business plans
  • Describe your brand
  • Keep it short and clear
  • Check it’s legit (avoid doman name blacklisted by a Google update)

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